Restoration and Repairs

Historic Exterior Restoration

Project Overview


Type of Project:  Complet exterior staircase rebuild.

Location:  West Oakland

Project Duration: July 2019 to September 2019


Project Details:  The house’s front staircase was in need of full replacement. It’s an older two-story victorin in West Oakland, built in 1912. Modern building code now requires that a staircase located directly on it’s property line would need a “firewall” (basically a solid non-combistable wall), which would not be cosistent with the house’s architecture. Being a registered historic home with the state, this building is governed by a seperate building code (CBHC or California Historic Building Code), which then allows for logical solutions and compromosies to be made. The goal is to maintain the house’s original look and feel.
For this project we built it in kind with original design, which has a storage room below the stairs. For best results, we framed this room, installed our fire barrier (yellow Dense Glass), and fully waterproofed it. We then framed the new staircase over all of that, to ensure a lifetime of leak free storage space for the client.

The final detail; matching the original house’s look meant having custom milled railings, and two custom post caps. This was a finishng touch that really made it all feel original.

Siding Restoration

Project Overview


Type of Project:  Residential Repair

Location:  Alameda

Project Duration: June 2018 to August 2018


Project Details:  This Alameda home needed some new siding, a few windows, and a new back deck.