What is Beyond Green Construction?

Beyond Green Construction is a full service high-end residential remodeling company. Our mission is to go beyond the vague parameters of “green” construction and operate within a highly transparent standard of operations. Our mission can be defined in three main areas:

1. The Process

Customer service is naturally critical and at Beyond Green we work closely with each customer to ensure we execute your vision. We take the time to carefully discuss all material and installation options, as well as establish all expectations for the finished result. For example, a client may love the look of a tiled backsplash in a kitchen, but not be aware that this comes with added maintenance concerns to keep the grout clean over the years.

When we arrive on site we have a careful way we operate. We know how disrupting it can be to have builders on your property which is why we take great care of your home. For interior renovations we set up fully sealed plastic walls to seperate your live space from our work space. We utilize a high flow HEPA filtration system to manage air quality in both live and work areas. This is critical to a safe work place for our team and for the safety and protection of your living space.  The picture to the left show’s a HEPA air filtration system that was used in a condo remodel.

2. Craftsmanship

A truly sustainable project needs to be treated with passion and care; the better the construction techniques and craftsmanship, the longer the building will last which in turn means less waste. A typical house is in the USA can be designed to last as little as just 25 years, and sadly this quality of construction can now be seen amongst contractors with low quality standards, while marketing quality work (a form of “Greenwashing”). Beyond Green only utilizes the very best methods in construction to ensure our customers can enjoy a product that will last a lifetime.

3. Materials

During our demolition process we are committed to giving your usable building materials a new home, and we have effective systems in place to make sure this consistently happens. Just about every job we do will have some building materials not suitable for a landfill, and it is our commitment to make sure we get them a new home.

When working with clients during the design and selection of building materials to be used, we always encourage the use of high performing, eco-friendly products that keep your house safe and will stand the test of time. With a rapidly changing world of building products constantly emerging, this means staying current and constantly doing homework to ensure we’re at the forefront of advancements.

About the Owner

Alexander Pell is 37 years old and has always had a passion for working with his hands, growing up in a house where his dad seemed to be constantly fixing things.  Today, with just under twenty years of work in the trades Alex has become a seasoned construction professional. He began working in construction at 17 years old, building straw bale homes in Colorado and since then work across the industry – framing homes in Colorado, to being a project foreman in San Francisco on a wide variety of projects, to then working for himself as a Handyman (named Best Handyman in the East Bay 2015) – Alex then went on to become a project foreman for an exceptional construction company (FB Design Build in Berkeley) from 2015 to 2017. At FB Design Build, Alex honed the skills neeed to ultimately go off on his own and create Beyond Green Construction. In early 2018 he secured his General B Contractors Licence, and is excited to soon be known as one of the Bay Area’s top names in residential remodeling.